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About Me

I live and breathe music, so I wanted to write about the bands I love and the live gigs I've been to. I also want to write about new albums and song releases from various bands and musical genres.  My music taste is eclectic to say the least and as a result my CD and record collection, as well as the gigs I go to, reflect this.  In the past few months I've been to see, Oceansize, Blood Red Shoes, Passion Pit, Detroit Social Club and Kiss as well as local bands. In the upcoming months I'm going to see Green Day (for the 3rd time), Kiss (2nd time), Biffy Clyro and Echo and the Bunnymen (1st time). 

I live in Scotland in a fairly large town on the west coast, but most of the gigs I go to are in Glasgow, a few in Edinburgh.  I won't even attempt to list my favourite bands as we would be here all day.  I'm not going to try and condense them either as this would cause so much mental torment in my brain through worrying about leaving out important bands that I feel it best to avoid this scenario.  Imagine the scene in the Gilmore Girls where Lane is listing all her influences when making the ad for her drumming skills.  How difficult it was making cuts that she had to crank the Ramones.  Well, this is the scenario I am avoiding.  (To anyone who hasn't seen the Gilmore Gilrs, you get the jist anyway)

I have a boyfriend called Adam who feels the same way as me about music, except that he can actually play guitar, I merely attempt.  He plays in a band, I merely dream of being in one.   But, together we have seen (and this I will list) Green Day, Bob Dylan and his band, Patti Smith and her band, Alice Cooper, AC/DC, Blood Red Shoes, Oceansize, Passion Pit, Detroit Scocial Club, Kiss, The Bees, Bat for Lashes, The John Butler Trio, The Wildhearts, Death Cab for Cutie, Frightened Rabbit, The Kills, Teenage Fanclub, The Living End and the Smashing Pumpkins.  We also had tickets to Chuck Berry but that was cancelled, the ticket is still on my wall however.  We have also been to see a plethora of local bands, including bands he's pals with and or went to uni with.  

I love music so my gig and album reviews will always be honest and told from a fans perspective.  I always try to see the positive in everything and this will also be reflected in my reviews.