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Prestfest 2014

Posted by Amy Park on August 19, 2014 at 1:40 PM Comments comments (1)

Prestfest was an awesome weekend!  I spent all day on Saturday 2nd of August in The Eagle Tavern watching some pretty sound bands. Scott Nicol & the Limitless Sky (whom I have mentioned previously in my blog) were fantastic and the only band I saw who wrote their own songs and played original material. There were quite a few local bands at Prestfest whp played their own original music.  The other bands i saw were, Wildcard,with a female front woman who played some classic rock tunes that got everyone singing along. The Helms, Audioclass, No Dogz Allowed and Tambo & The Spitfires kept that pub jumping all day. A great day was had by all and for a good cause too. 

Bands at the Baird: Review

Posted by Amy Park on June 24, 2014 at 9:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Well, the gig I was promoting on my website and Facebook page called Bands at the Baird has now been and gone and what an event it was.  The weather was glorious and after a fun filled day of games and races at Hansel's own version of the Commonwealth Games called, 'Games on the Green', it was time for their own version of T in the Park, 'Bands at the Baird'.  The Baird Centre is a new building that is part of Hansel Village, a charity that works with adults with varying support needs.  Both events, 'Games on the Green' and 'Bands at the Baird' are just another example of some of the wonderful things that Hansel does to get everyone invloved and having fun.  While I may be biased when I say this, as I work here, but I really do think this is a great place to work and feel proud to be part of an organisation that promotes independence and empowerment of all adults with a learning disability.  

I arrived as the final band, Rough Cut, were playing to the crowd who were still partying after all the events of the day.  The sun was still out but it had cooled nicley enought to enjoy sitting out, chilling after my long day at work to an array of upbeat, popular covers of rock songs such as, Journey's, 'Don't Stop Believing', and The Proclaimers, '500 Miles'.  I missed the first few bands but judging by the staff and clients who were still dancing and singing away I can only assume the night went well.  After the band had finished I asked for a few photo's and explained about my website and my love of all music but especially my love of finding and promoting local bands wether original or covers.  A great day was clearly had by all.    Rough Cut pictured below.

T. Rextasy Glasgow Pavilllion

Posted by Amy Park on November 26, 2013 at 5:20 PM Comments comments (0)

I went to see T.Rextasy at the Glasgow Pavillion on the 3rd of November and they were awesome.  First of all I was just happy that I wasn't the youngest person there, which in my opinion is testament to the longevity of Marc Bolan's epic, catchy tunes.  Second of all, the frontman Danielz, bears an uncanny resemblence to Marc bolan.  I could almost swear at times it was Marc standing there.

Everyone was dressed up with feather boas and glitter on their skin and ready to boogie all night long to Bolan's beats.  They ran through all the classic hits but threw in a few rarities and B-sides for the hardcore diehard fans.  Everyone was up and clapping and singing out loud for, Hot Love, Jeepster, I love to Boogie, Telegram Sam and a whole lot more.  

T.Rextasy are a touring band that are well worth seeing if you get a chance and even have their own fanbase who travel to watch them whenever they tour in a town near them.  I myself will not want to miss them the next time they play glasgow.  

Fantastic night.  Check out some of the photos form the night and head over to my scarletrocks facebook page for even more pics.  

Brown Bear and the Bandits

Posted by Amy Park on August 7, 2011 at 12:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Venue - Bar Bloc.  Tuesday 2nd August 2011.

Arrived just before 9pm after a quick bite to eat at KFC (I was hungry). We were sat at the opposite table from the band.  Nice gig venue, very intimate with a good, relaxed atmosphere. It was the first time I'd been to Bar Bloc, I'll definitely be back, they have a bottle of beer called Desperados - tequila flavoured beer.  Awesome.

The first up was a young and supremely talented singer/ acoustic guitar player called Sidonie McKenna.  She had a sort of guitar playing technique the likes of John Butler from the The John Butler Trio and Andy McKee.  Next on was another solo singer/ acoustic guitar player callled Dol Eoin who sang in both Scottish Gaelic and English.  I have to say he was fantastic, he had the entire bar in the palm of his guitar strumming hand.  One of his songs was about the death of Gaelic if Gaelic were a man and he was at his funeral - this was one of his dreams - sung in Gaelic.  Brilliant.

Brown Bear and the Bandits were a flurry of fire and enthusiasm with foot stomping tunes that quite literally shook the bar.  You couldn't help but stamp your feet and clap along with everyone else as you listened to these three talented Ayrshire musicians.  You could here the Celtic influences in thier unique blend of folk and pop adding up to make this set the energetic one it was.  With Kay McLaren banging the Cajon box, Matt Hickman on guitars and vocals and probably one of the hardest working bass players I've seen, Stuart McArthur.

This was a great gig and I'm sorry I missed their next few gigs at Ayr Town Hall and Harleys.  Check out their facebook for more info on their upcoming gigs and have a listen to their music.

KISS @ Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona, June 24th 2010

Posted by Amy Park on June 29, 2010 at 5:31 PM Comments comments (0)

Just back from Barcelona (no wi-fi in the hotel or anything else for that matter) so my review is a little late.

WOW!! I just saw Kiss, again.  The second time in the space of two months and in two different countries.  That is committment. 

What can I say, Kiss are one of the best bands you will ever see live and while I may be biased when I say that (I am a fan after all) I really do mean it.  They put on an indredible show and have done so now for over 35 years.  It you want a non stop rock and roll all night and party everyday kind of night then trust me, go and see Kiss.  They do not dissapoint. 

Kiss - Sonic Boom Over Europe.

They kick off the event with a stomper of a track , Modern Day Delilah, off the latest album, Sonic Boom before declaring, "That was something from the Boom, here's something from the beginning" and they launch into Cold Gin - a classic.  Paul Stanley was on top form as always, his vocals never seem to falter despite the energy he puts into every lyric.  He has the energy of a 12 year old, watching him dance and jump over the stage live - the live DVD's are no comparison.  As for the rest of the boys, does Gene Simmons ever dissapoint.  Tommy Thayer is an amazing guitarist and Eric Singer on the drums make this the best, most talented Kiss line up to date.  In my own humble opinion of course. They play two more of the classic Kiss songs, Let Me Go Rock 'N' Roll and Firehouse before the anthemic Say Yeah off Sonic Boom.  In my opinion one of Kiss' finest songs to date, "Let me hear you say Yeah...Yeah...Yeah....Yeah!"  

Another classic Kiss song after that with Deuce followed by Crazy Crazy Nights, which Paul said they hadn't played in about 20 years and had the entire crowd going crazy, as if they weren't already.  Gene Simmons sings another one with Calling Dr. Love then Tommy Thayer sings Ace's Shock Me and he certainly does it justice.  Another song off Sonic Boom follows with I'm An Animal which is one of the top three off the latest album in my opinion. Then it's "back to the old testament of rock 'n' roll" according to Paul (yes I have the mp3 recording of the concert - the Glasgow concert - but it was basically the same set apart from a few extras here and there and it means that not only only can I relive the experience but I can also hear Paul Stanley's infamous banter) as they play 100,00 Years, I Love It Loud, my all time favourite Kiss song Love Gun, Black Diamond, the riotous Detroit Rock City, Lick It Up and Shout It Out Loud.   

In the middle of all this comes a surprise song from Eric Singer as he steps out from behind the drumkit to perform Beth (something they didn't do at the Glasgow gig).  Then two other slow songs as they play Forever and Shandi, both of which they did not do at the Glasgow gig.  I couldn't have been happier.  Then comes my favourite part of the evening - of the Barcelona gig not Glasgow.  As I had to pick up my tickets at the box office at the event there was no way I was going to get right to the front like I was at the Glasgow gig so I stood next to the podium where Paul Stanley flies out over the crowd to perfrom I Was Made For Lovin' You and what an amazing experience that was. He was literally right in front of me (I have an all consuming obsession with Paul Stanley) during the entire song and here is my most favourite part.  He looked directly into my eyes, pointed at me and sang, "I was made for lovin' you, baby", and I sang back, "You were made for lovin' me" at which point he smiled and probably prompty did the same with some other woman at the other side.  Do I care? Not a jot. I think my boyfriend almost had to scoop me up off the floor at that point. 

The last two songs were God Gave Rock 'N' Roll To You and the party inducing, riot inducing anthem Rock And Roll All Nite.  Paper confetti everywhere and yet another 20,000 die hard Kiss fans go home fully satisfied as their hero's have once again given a performance that only Kiss could.  Awsome! Awsome!


Modern Day Delilah, Cold Gin, Let Me Go Rock 'n' Roll, Firehouse, Say Yeah, Deuce, Crazy Crazy Nights, CallingDr. Love, Shock Me, I'm an animal, 100,000 Years, I Love It Loud, Love Gun, Black Diamond, Detroit Rock City, Lick I Up, Shout It Out Loud, Beth, Forever, Shandi, I Was Made For Lovin' You, God Gave Rock 'n' Roll To You & Rock And Roll All Nite.

Green Day, SECC, Glasgow, 21st June 2010

Posted by Amy Park on June 22, 2010 at 5:08 PM Comments comments (0)

First off, the support act was Joan Jett and the Balckhearts.  Enough said.  I could have left the gig happy after that.  A stellar performance from the Queen of rock 'n' roll.  Proving that she is still on top form she delivers a 40 minute set featuring all the classics like, 'I love rock 'n' roll' to more recent songs.  As she strutted her black jumpsuit clad stuff across the stage I stood in awe at this legend and smiled to myself thinking, "it can't get any better than this".

Then Green Day came on.

This is now the third time I have seen Green Day play and can I just say, they get better each time. They put on another high octane show full of all the banter we've come to expect from Billie Joe and the boys.  Kicking off the night with the first song off the latest album, the song with the same name, '21st century Breakdown' followed by more off the latest album and American Idiot.  'Know Your Enemy', 'Holiday', 'The Static Age', 'Give Me Novacaine', 'Are We The Waiting', 'St Jimmy' and 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams'. 

Then the guitar changes and we all know whats happening now.  Back to the 'old school' Green Day with, 'Nice Guys Finish Last', 'Burnout', 'Coming Clean', 'Geek Stink Breath', 'Hitchin' A Ride', 'Welcome to Paradise', 'Brain Stew', 'Jaded', 'Basket Case' and 'She'.  A few covers are plyed, 'Paradise City'(Guns 'n' Roses), 'Iron Man'(Black Sabbath) and 'Highway to Hell'(AC/DC).  Then the now infamous part of any Green Day concert, the time for 'Longview'.  He pulls up someone who knows the words and hands the mic over.  A young guy gets up and boy was his whole heart and soul in it.  He sang his heart out jumping all over the stage before doing a stage dive off the extended walkway with the entire crowd behind him, cheering him along.  Classic!

'King For A Day' sees everyone on stage in their fancy dress get up with the song now famously morphing into 'Shout'.  Tre and Mike take turns at the song while Billie Joe in turn, plays both the drums and then the bass.  As the song slows and BillieJoe lies on the stage he starts a megamix of about ten random songs including, 'Teenage Kicks', 'I can't get no Satisfaction', 'Why does it always rain on me' and 'Hey Jude'.  They finish on '21 Guns' and 'Minority' before performing two encores.  In the first encore they play 'American Idiot' and 'Jesus of Suburbia' and the second encore is the acoustic set where they play, 'When It's Time', 'Wake Me Up When September Ends' and end of a high with 'Good Riddance (Time of your Life)'. 

This band just get better and better and I hope to see them again in the future promoting their next album.

Photos and videos to come soon.

Blood Red Shoes

Posted by Amy Park on March 10, 2010 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Blood Red shoes: King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, St Vincent Street, Glasgow.

I arrived early for this one, only the bar staff and a handful of other eager fans before me. I was stood at the barrier awaiting what I knew was going to be another awesome night ahead of me.  This was the third time I'd seen BRS having first been introduced to their loud, melodic pop rock back in 2006 when they were one of two support acts for Maximo Park.  Four years and two albums later, not to mention countless 7" singles, I am back to witness an incredible and underated band perform from their latest album, Fire Like This.

The opening act, Underground Railroad, were perfect for the lead up to BRS.  The female lead reminiscent of a young Patti Smith.  The band were tight and put on a first rate performance.  Reminding me of why I always arrive early for gigs, new and undiscovered bands - how I first heard BRS.

The gig, in my opinion, was unmissable from start to finish.  Laura-Mary and Steven are two people who can rock an entire room with just a guitar and a drum-kit. They opened with Doesn't Matter Much before heading into Keeping it Close, off the new album. They follow the 1st album, 2nd album pattern for the next few songs keeping the older fans and the newer ones happy with, It's Getting Boring by the Sea followed by the first single off the new album, the explosive Light it Up, then I Wish I was Someone Better.  Several off the new album follow with, It is Happening Again, Count Me Out, the catchy Heartsink, and back to This is Not For You, the quietly haunting WhenWe Wake and ending nicely with Say Somethng, Say Anything and Don't Ask.

Blood Red Shoes are a band that are born to play live, and when they play live they play loud.  Check out some photos from the gig in my photo section.

Also check out their Myspace page - - follow the link in my links page.